About Us

Welcome to Canada-Japan Council of British Columbia!


In 2009, Canada-Japan Council of British Columbia (“Council”) was established by major Japanese business associations in Vancouver to work together for events, meetings and issues involving by Japanese business community. For the first few years, responding to various common problems and issues were the major activities of the Council. The executive directors of the Council were rotated and appointed once a year.

Starting from 2015, the Council widely recruits more members for the Council as well as promoting co-working events and exchanging business topics and information amongst members.

In January 2018, we adopted to appoint a chair-person for a term of two years rather circulating executive directors annually. Furthermore, the Council promotes the activities more closely than ever so that the Council becomes more valuable and communicative amongst members.

As of May 2018, the Council consists with 10 Japanese business-related associations and one association with an observer status. Furthermore, the Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver is acting as an adviser to the Council. This covers the majority Japanese business organizations in the Vancouver area and we support each other.

Roles of Council
  1. Navigating for external organizations and companies who are seeking about Japanese business information in the Vancouver area
  2. Sharing event information with each members, assembling co-hosting events, discussing problems and various issues amongst community
  3. Assist prosperity of Japanese businesses in Vancouver through tighter relationship

Vancouver is a popular place where many Nikkei and Japanese reside, and also known as the closest North American city from Japan. Japan and Canada are celebrating the 90th anniversary of Japan-Canada Diplomatic Relations in 2018. With an understanding of those history, the Council commits assisting and expanding Japanese business community in association with the local business communities and entities.

We appreciate your cooperation to the activities.

May 2018

Hiro Okamoto
Canada-Japan Council of British Columbia