2021 New Year’s Round-table conference co-sponsored by the KIYUKAI and KONWAKAI -Panel discussion to hear the voice of the industry-

The 2021 New Year’s Round-table conference will be co-sponsored by the KIYUKAI and KONWAKA. We are planning to invite multiple people involved in industries that represent Japanese businesses in Vancouver to hold a panel discussion.

While being at the mercy of an unprecedented pandemic that involves the world, the panelists who are striving to meet the needs and expectations of the community by making ingenuity talk about their hardships, their aspirations and prospects for the New Year, or their strategies.

I would like to use this as an opportunity to listen to the voices of people in the industry and support them.

In addition, after the panel discussion, all participants, including the panelists, will be separated into small rooms, and there will be a separate time for small groups to interact with each other.

We hope that it will be time for the members of the KIYUKAI, KONWAKAI and others to share their latest information with each other.

The event will be held online as follows, with the safety of members and panelists as our top priority.

Prior application is required to participate.


Date and time: Wednesday, January 27, 2021 6: 00-7: 30 pm

Location: Zoom Online Meeting (Details will be announced separately)


 (Deadline: 5 pm on January 25)


Part 1: Panel discussion

18:00 Opening remarks (Akio Taniguchi, Chairman of the KIYUKAI)

18:05 Panel discussion

18:55 Closing remarks (Kozo Tamura, Chairman of the KONWAKAI)


Part 2: Exchange meeting in the breakout room

19: 00-19: 15 1st time


19: 15-19: 30 Second time


Panelists  (in no particular order)

Real estate industry; Mr. Fred Yoshimura (Remax Real Estate)

Retail industry; Masaaki Inoda (Suzuya Japanese Market)

Travel industry; Keiya Yamada (HIS Canada Inc)

Food and beverage industry; Takaaki Masuda (Kamei Royale Japanese Restaurant Group)

Trading company industry; Takayuki Yoshiura (Itochu Canada Ltd)

Study abroad industry; Mr. Kakuhiro Tanaka (Jpcanada Study Abroad Center)


Moderator: Hiroaki Okamoto, Director of the KIYUKAI




06:00 PM - 07:30 PM




On-Line Event (Zoom)


Vancouver Japanese Business Association (KIYUKAI)

Other Organizers

Japanese Business Association of Vancouver (Konwakai)
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