Japanese Business Association of Vancouver (Konwakai)

Holding free economic, immigration and tax seminars and networking events for our members since 1956
250-4140 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC, Canada
Status Open now
The Objective of the Organization

Japanese Business Association of Vancouver (also known as Konwakai) aims to foster mutual friendship, to enhance child education by Japanese language, to harmonize with local communities, and to discuss issues common to its members, thereby facilitating members’ business activities, thereby contributing to the societies of both Japan and Canada, and to promote economic exchanges in the Pacific Rim.

The Establishment Date of the Organization
  • 1956 – Japanese Business Association of Vancouver was established
The Number of Members
As of the Year 2018 Corporate 51 Members
Individual 2 Members
Main Activities
  • Economic and Foreign Exchange Seminars (twice a year)
  • Immigration Law Seminars
  • Tax-Related Seminars
  • Christmas Party
  • Golf Tournaments (6 times a year)

Membership qualification

Ordinary Member Special Member

Corporations based in the province of British Columbia that fall under any of the following conditions.

  • Canadian corporations funded by a Japanese business entity, or a subsidiary of a Japanese corporation.
  • Corporations with representatives from Japan.
Corporations or individuals based within the province of British Columbia who do not qualify as an ordinary member, and who agree with the objective of the Society.


Annual Membership Fee

Number of  registration Ordinary Special
1 person $1,400 $600
2 persons $2,300 $720
3 persons $3,200 $840
4 persons $4,100 $960
5 persons $5,000 $1,080
One Time Payment for April to next March)
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