Kenyukai welcomes anyone in the architecture, construction and building industries to join
Status Open now
The Objective of the Organization

Kenyukai consists of individual and corporate members that work in the architecture and construction industry and also in affiliated fields in the Greater Vancouver area.

Our mission is to foster an environment where members work hard together to become well-equipped with broad and profound knowledge and skills, and to cultivate an environment where members can further promote their businesses and mutual cooperation.


The Establishment Date of the Organization
  • 2012 – Kenyukai was established
The Number of Members
As of the Year 2021 Number of Members 60 Members
Main Activities
  • Construction Site Tour & Exhibition of Architecture, Building and Residence
  • In-house Self-introduction of Service and Business
  • Demonstrate Member’s Technical Skills and Performance in Wood Craftsmanship and Exhibit the “Craft Station” at Sakura Day Japan Fair
  • Assemble the Stage of Japanese Summer Festival at Nikkei Place
  • Information Exchange and Symposium by Zoom

Anyone is welcome to join Kenyukai who consists of individual or corporate members that work in the architecture, construction industry, in affiliated fields and also interested who is in the industry in the Greater Vancouver area. Please fill out the registration form from our website below.

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