The Sake Association of British Columbia

Sake is the very essence of the Japanese Culture. SABC promotes Sake culture to the rest of the world
3960 Ashford Road, Victoria, BC, Canada
Status Open now
The Sake Association of British Columbia
The Objective of the Organization

The purpose of SABC is to raise the status of sake culture to an alcoholic beverage of everyday life of people in Canada, and its activities focus on spreading the sake culture through public education and industry promotions.

The Establishment Date of the Organization
  • 2013 – The Sake Association of British Columbia (SABC) was established
The Number of Members
As of the Year 2018 Corporate 12 Members
Individual 0 Members
Main Activities

SABC promotes “sake culture and education” in community, industry and corporate events.


  • Vancouver Sake Fest (September)


  • Sakura Day’s Japan Fair (April)
  • Nikkei Summer Festival (September)
  • The Emperor’s Birthday Reception (December)

SABC is not currently expanding primary membership; however, we may recruit associate members in the future.

Conditions to become a member: BC government approved and licensed liquor agency currently importing sake from Japan or U.S. as well as sake manufacturer in B.C.

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